Big Ass

Who Let You in Here?

  1. 30 KG's
  2. Queenie Come Clean
  3. Hands of a Working Man
  4. The Neco
  5. Taylor, Mississippi
  6. Rural Retreat
  7. 3X Over
  8. Yums
  9. Slow Motion Time
  10. Fading Fast Fad
  11. Here We Go
  12. The March of the Dirty Razors
  13. 9 Bullets
  14. Portuguese Man O'War (61542)
  15. Who Let You In Here?
  16. Rascacielo

The Rug

  1. The Path
  2. The Wardrobe
  3. Doughblood
  4. Locked In
  5. The 0
  6. Add-a-shag
  7. The Me
  8. The Ghost Story
  9. The Rug
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Big Ass Truck was formed in the mid-'90s in Memphis around core members Steve Selvidge (guitar), Robert Barnett (drums) and Robby Grant (guitar). The psychedelic funk band released its debut album on a local label in 1995 and gained a following in the South by touring with 311. After touring fairly extensively throughout the Southeast, Big Ass Truck was put in contact with Upstart Records in Boston via Robert Gordon, author of "It Came From Memphis." Upstart re-released the group's debut along with the sophomore album, Kent. The guys in Big Ass Truck decided they wanted to do "something a little different" for their third effort, and Upstart put them in touch with Yep Roc records. The Sack Lunch EP was released in 1997. Big Ass Truck recorded the first half in a studio and the second half on a 4 track in the group's practice space. Who Let You in Here? appeared in 1998 and The Rug was released in 2001 on Terminus Records. ~ Megan Frye