Disc One - Start From Scratch

  1. Privilege
  2. Can't Get High
  3. Hot Damn
  4. Oh No
  5. Poor Julie
  6. Quarter Tank of Gasoline
  7. Gullible
  8. Leave It Alone
  9. Nothing Is Simple
  10. Wicked Black Snake
  11. Memory In My Shotglass
  12. Shotgun Wedding
  13. Home Before Dark
  14. Ambulance
  15. Bad Mood
  16. Hand Is Quicker Than The Eye
  17. Going Away Party
  18. Hot Damn
  19. The Last Thing

Disc Two - One False Move Sessions

  1. Who Do You Belong To?
  2. Wet Trombone Blues
  3. Success Yourself
  4. Leave It Alone
  5. End Of The Show
  6. Crash
  7. Sunshine In The Middle Of The Night
  8. Thunderstorm
  9. Dreamer's Suitcase
  10. Went Out Drinking With Carson Jones
  11. Sweeter For The Blood
  12. Pray For The Car
  13. Going Away Party
  14. Stomp
  15. Shake Your Faith
  16. Your Real Name
  17. Hold On To You

Disc Three - A Long Hustle Final Master Candidate III

  1. Misunderstood
  2. Devil Without A Disguise
  3. Good TIme Over And Done
  4. Hand Right In Front Of Your Face
  5. Paying What I Owe
  6. Ready Anytime
  7. Take A Bite
  8. What I Don't Know
  9. Will To Survive
  10. Temporary
  11. What Kind Of Blood
  12. On The Ground
  13. No Good Reason Why
  14. Mix My Poisons
  15. Curse
  16. Thrill You

Disc Four - A Long Hustle

  1. Church Meeting
  2. Strung Out Snakehandler Blues
  3. Play Some Country From The Old Days
  4. Georgia Heat
  5. Sticks And Stones
  6. Come Lean On My Fender
  7. Here Comes Ruby
  8. Paint
  9. Absolutely Nothing
  10. All That Stuff She Told Me
  11. Bug Bites And Bruises
  12. Code Of Honor
  13. The Hard Stuff
  14. Judgment Day
  15. Lie
  16. What I Give
  17. Welcome
  18. Something Falls

Disc Five - Chase Park Sessions

  1. Morning Chrome
  2. Sing About Love
  3. Do Not Disturb
  4. Sandy Candy Lucy
  5. The Marquee's On Fire
  6. My Real Summertime
  7. Cat Walking Down Piano Keys
  8. The Last Living Member Of The Last Rock n Roll Band
  9. Sick Of It All
  10. Ghost In The Englewood Radisson
  11. Giving Up The Ghost
  12. Makes Sense To Me
  13. Night School
  14. Mark Fidrych & Evel Knievel
  15. Henry Parsons Died
  16. God's Bar
  17. Head Of A Hound Dog
  18. Southern Jam 1983!


Daniel Hutchens and Eric Carter met each other when they were eight years old. They solidified their early friendship based on a mutual love of baseball, comic books, and rock n roll music. They grew up in West Virginia; much time during their high school years was spent on Skull Run Road, where Eric's family lived, a few miles outside Ravenswood. The boys recall that road as being the site of their first garage band practices.

After high school, they started getting a little more serious about their blossoming songwriting partnership. Their road wound through Huntington, WV, and eventually on to Athens, GA, which they soon came to call home. They continued to concentrate on their songwriting, and by the early 90s they had a catalogue of over 300 compositions. By this time Hutchens and Carter had given their musical collaboration a "band name": Bloodkin.

People started to notice, and some even started covering some Bloodkin compositions, most notably Widespread Panic, who wound up recording three Bloodkin songs, and who continue to play those and other Bloodkin songs live. Panic's cover of "Can't Get High" peaked at #27 on the Billboard AOR charts. Other songs in Panic's regular rotation are "Makes Sense To Me", "Henry Parsons Died", "End Of The Show", "Who Do You Belong To", and occasionally "Quarter Tank Of Gasoline".

Daniel also wound up playing with ex-Velvet Underground member Moe Tucker in the early-to-mid 90s; he played on three of her albums and several of her tours.

In 1994 Bloodkin released their first official CD, GOOD LUCK CHARM. The project was produced by Johnny Sandlin (legendary producer of the Allman Brothers, Eddie Hinton, and so many others). Bloodkin recording projects over the years have also featured producers John Keane (R.E.M, Cowboy Junkies, etc.) and David Barbe (Son Volt, Drive By Truckers, etc.). All the while, the Bloodkin boys have continued to play live all over the Southeast and beyond.

Daniel and Eric have shared the stage with different lineups throughout Bloodkin's history, but the last several years have cemented a familiar band: Daniel on vocal and guitar, Eric on guitar and backing vocal, William Tonks on guitar, dobro and backing vocal, Jon Mills on bass, and Aaron Phillips on drums.