Main Street - Original Soundtrack

  1. Too Deep To Sleep-Confessions of a Beatles casualty
  2. Broken Windows-The Main Street Theme
  3. They're speaking Spanish in the kitchen (and Love is in the air)
  4. She told him you're a good man
  5. Carolina(You ain't superstar material)
  6. 9 to 5 on a payphone(Go on home we got business to do)
  7. Tired Eyes(vs. The Pimp in the Mirror)
  8. Of course it fell apart, what did you expect
  9. She's got her kids on the weekend
  10. I wonder if you understand(it's only that my hands were tired)
  11. Too deep for sleep part II
  12. Main Street
  13. You ain't superstar material "No baby's Mama Drama (DJ Gnosis remix)"
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