Stockholm Syndrome

Holy Happy Hour


  1. Counter-Clock World
  2. Empire One
  3. One in My Hand
  4. Tight
  5. White Dirt
  6. Purple Hearts
  7. American Fork
  8. Bouncing Very Well
  9. Couldn't Get It Right
  10. Princess Cruise
  11. Sack Full of Hearts
  12. The Shining Path


Stockholm Syndrome is made up of an all-star cast. When Widespread Panic bass player Dave Schools and acclaimed singer/songwriter Jerry Joseph of the Jackmormons decided to collaborate, each initially thought the side project would be a cool, if temporary, change of pace. With two studio albums released and multiple tours behind them, Stockholm Syndrome has transcended being just a side project. Stockholm Syndrome is a band.
The band’s unusual choice for a name, Stockholm Syndrome, refers to the psychological phenomenon in which a hostage bonds with his kidnappers. It seemed an apt moniker for the pair’s somewhat convoluted relationship. Now all Schools and Joseph needed was a band.

They put together their "Dream Team” including Eric McFadden (a San Francisco-based guitarist who has worked with Keb Mo’, Les Claypool and George Clinton’s P-Funk All Stars), and German keyboardist Danny Dziuk who was later replaced by Danny Louis (an Upstate NY based keyboard virtuoso widely known for his role in Gov’t Mule and Cheap Trick) and drummer Wally Ingram (an L.A.-based drummer who has worked with Jackson Browne, Sheryl Crow, and David Lindley).

Stockholm Syndrome serves up its potent brew of provocative songs and thrilling, genre-transcending musicianship to worldwide audiences. Schools is already contemplating the future, "We’ll take it as far as it wants to go. I think that everyone is really enjoying playing together…it ceased to be a recording project and became a band.”

The band released an album in 2004, Holy Happy Hour, on Terminus Records and then went on a nationwide tour in support of the album. The band has toured intermittently since then and they released a live EP, "Stockholm Syndrome Live at Streetlight Records," which was recorded during an in-store performance at Streetlight Records in Santa Cruz in September 2009. The band's second studio album, Apollo, was released on February 15, 2011. Schools and Joseph wrote the songs after sitting on a porch looking at redwood trees in California.